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Take advantage of preventative concrete maintenance services in Athens, Greensboro & Lawrenceville, GA

Facility Maintenance

MGC Solutions Provides all Repairs, Maintenance, Improvements needed for Your Facility in Athens, Greensboro or Lawrenceville, GA

Ensure Your Business Stays Running Smoothly with Industrial Maintenance Programs from MGC Solutions.

At MGC Solutions, our preventative maintenance services are designed to ensure optimal performance and maximum lifespan of commercial and industrial facilities. Our processes can help your company to achieve the following:

  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Reduce Long-Term Maintenance Budgets
  • Increase Lifespan of Property
  • Reduce Equipment Fatigue
  • Minimize Closure Times
  • Improve Inventory Management

What We Offer:

What We Offer:


At MGC Solutions, our Concrete Lifting & Leveling services can help your business by lifting settled concrete to address trip hazards and ensure proper support. Our applications increase the lifespan of your concrete, aid in workplace safety and protect inventory by smoothing transitions for equipment and preventing collapse.

Concrete that appears to be in good condition from the surface may be concealing serious problems beneath. Our Facility Maintenance programs are designed to detect issues before they before they become a costly problem, ensuring your business stays running smoothly.
Pictured: Collapsed loading docks take an average of 3 weeks to repair. We can detect and stabilize these areas with little to no closure time.


Our Soil Treatments Improve Load Capacity and Add Years to the Life of Your Property.

Damage on the surface is usually result of weak, unstable soil underneath. Our applications strengthen and densify of soils to maximize lifespan of installed surfaces and reduce long-term maintenance costs. Our soil treatments address soft-soil issues up to 30 feet deep and can result in 30% greater load-carrying capacity at the surface.

We utilize a moisture-insensitive material, meaning our processes can greatly increase the lifespan of areas subject to erosion. In addition to concrete and structural foundations, our applications can help you to maintain and preserve seawalls, stormwater runoff systems and more.


Our applications have a variety of uses in maintaining and improving Stormwater Runoff Systems and preventing the degrading effects of water Inflow and Infiltration, including these uses and more:

  • Culvert Stabilization
  • Catch Basin Stabilization
  • Offset Pipe Prevention
  • Pipe Joint Sealing
  • Pipe Header Support
  • Outfall Rehabilitation