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At MGC Solutions, our mission is to maximize the performance and longevity of commercial & industrial property subject to settling and erosion. We utilize cutting-edge products and applications to bring you the industry's best solutions in soil stabilization, concrete preservation and more.

What We Do:

  • Lift and Stabilize Concrete Slabs
  • Densify and Strengthen Soils
  • Increase Load-Bearing Capacity
  • Build a Foundation Support System
  • Reduce the Risk of Structural Damage
  • Stabilize Graded or Natural Slopes
  • Fill Voids in Abandoned Pipes and Utilities
  • Repair and Remediate Sinkholes
  • Solidify Soil and Displace Water

Weak, unstable soil hidden beneath the surface can lead to structural damage.


Our applications address soil strength, permeability, volume stability and durability. We work with our suppliers as well as a network of geotechnical, civil and structural engineers to provide the right solutions and meet the demands of every project.

Weak, unstable soil beneath private and commercial property can lead to structural damage requiring costly repairs. Our applications are designed to address these issues and reduce maintenance costs, closure time, and lost revenue.

At MGC Solutions, we utilize a ground improvement method known as Geotechnical Resin Injection. The process is a method of deep soil stabilization in which a flowable material is propelled underground to areas of instability which we identify through a variety of soil testing methods. A catalyst causes the material to expand to push into empty space, compacting and densifying non-cohesive soils to create a permanent, cemented mass with increased structural properties.

Resin Injection is a form of pressure grouting and can be used to address settling foundations and strengthen supporting soils for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We utilize a moisture-insensitive, polymer-based material in place of traditional cement grout. Some advantages of soil stabilization using Geotechnical Resin are as follows:

  • Resin will not shrink over time and is not subject to erosion; cement grout can be carried away by water, often loses mass quickly and requires reapplication much more frequently.
  • Resin is up to 30X lighter than cement grout while maintaining a similar strength coefficient; the weight of cement grout can often lead to additional compaction issues.
  • Resin Injection is clean, quick and precise compared to traditional applications; stabilization using cement grout is often messy and requires heavy, invasive equipment.

What We Can Achieve with This Process:

Concrete Lifting & Leveling:When placed directly under settled concrete, our Resin expands with enough force to lift virtually any slab back into position and cures to a compressive strength approaching that of bedrock.

Soil Stabilization: Instability beneath the surface of the soil is the most common factor resulting in structural damage to foundations and other infrastructure. Our applications strengthen and densify soils to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your commercial property.

Erosion Control: Seawalls, culverts, stormwater systems and more benefit from injection of our hydrophobic, soil-densifying resins. Erosion is the biggest deteriorator of these installations and our processes can greatly reduce the rate at which erosion occurs.

Commercial Services


We lift and stabilize concrete slabs to address trip hazards, reduce equipment fatigue and prolong the life of your settling concrete.


Ensure proper support for your residential, commercial or industrial structure.


Our Industrial Maintenance programs are value-driven and ensure you maximize the utility and lifespan of your commercial or industrial facility.

  • Concrete Lifting, Leveling & Stabilization
  • Ground Improvement
  • Stormwater System Maintenance


Our Construction Services are designed to reduce costs, accelerate timelines and ensure successes of new construction projects.

  • Foundation Support Systems
  • Backfill Compaction
  • Leak Seal
  • Void Fill
  • Sinkhole Remediation
  • Slope Protection


We offer solutions to increase the performance of infrastructure, reduce maintenance budgets, and maximize lifespan of

  • Roadbed Stabilization
  • Bridge Approach Stabilization
  • Stormwater System Maintenance
  • Manhole Repair
  • I & I Remediation