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Rely on MGC Solution's Injection Services for the Challenges of Your Next Construction Project.

At MGC Solutions, we offer a variety of services designed to reduce costs, accelerate timelines and ensure successes in new construction projects.
Soft-soil issues once requiring costly excavation can now be addressed with little disruption to your construction site or schedule; our applications are designed for difficult-access work areas and efficiently address issues once requiring extensive remediation.


We offer foundation support systems for new construction through our soil stabilization and densification injection applications, as well as through helical pier placement prior to foundation installation. Whether your building site is on sandy soil, a frequently-saturated low area, or a steep slope, our applications can significantly strengthen new foundations and provide peace of mind for contractors and customers alike.

Pictured: Weak, unstable soil beneath your building site can lead to structural damage and costly warranty issues.


Our injection application serves to compact backfilled soil around new foundation footings, basement walls, containment slabs and more. Uncompacted soil naturally reduces over time by an average of 30%, leaving areas unsupported and prone to damage or collapse. Traditional methods of compaction are time consuming and run the risk of damaging nearby concrete; our process not only compacts soil, but also reduces water migration through the area and offers insulating effects.


Naturally-occurring voids as well as abandoned tanks and utilities beneath new building sites threaten the structural integrity of a construction project. These are usually excavated and the area is backfilled and compacted before beginning the construction process. Our injection applications offer an alternative to this costly and time-consuming process to keep your project under budget and ahead of schedule.


Sink holes are a naturally occurring geological phenomena that can seemingly occur at random and threaten safety as well as buildings and other structures. Our sinkhole remediation application utilizes a material that will never erode or wash away, making it the best solution currently on the market to address this hazard.


Natural or graded slopes are often in danger of sliding if under-stabilized and saturated with enough water. Our applications stabilize hillsides to prevent sliding by adding strength to the soil and reducing the saturation point, meaning the area can hold less water. Our application can greatly reduce the risk of slippage, resulting in increased safety for surrounding structures as well as people in the area.


At MGC Solutions, our injection services utilize a polyurethane material especially suited to the rigors of pipeline construction. We specialize in the construction of pipe header supports, soil containments and more, and we utilize a material well-suited for a variety of pipeline maintenance and repair applications.