A Strong Foundation Is Key

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Engineered Foundation Solutions

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Unstable, eroded or loose soil beneath your home can result in structural damage to your foundation. We offer a variety of foundation repair services to find the right solution for every project, and our processes come with a transferrable lifetime warranty.

Over time, heavy rains, freeze-thaw cycles and other factors can cause the soil beneath your home to shift and settle. Areas of your foundation left unsupported are susceptible to structural damage. If left unaddressed, these problems can go on to affect other parts of your home such as the floors, roof, plumbing and much more.

Our applications densify and strengthen soil, push water from the area, and create a permanent, cemented mass beneath your home. The process utilizes a material capable of supporting 7000 lbs/sqft, that will never wash away or lose its structural properties. Many foundation repairs once requiring helical or push piers can now be addressed using these methods, resulting in a better-quality repair at a better price for our customers.

Pictured: Our applications address the cause of foundation settlement while helical piers transfer the structure's weight past unstable soil, leaving the underlying problem unaddressed.

Addressing Water Infiltration

Water accumulation in your basement is usually the result of hydrostatic pressure from behind the foundation wall. We address water infiltration by utilizing an engineered polyurethane material injected through the wall to seal the leak on the positive side, protecting concrete from the deteriorative effects of water and resulting in a longer-lasting and better-quality repair.