Call MGC Solutions for Residential Concrete Lifting & Leveling, Foundation Repair, Soil Stabilization and More in Athens, Greensboro & Lawrenceville, GA

At MGC Solutions, we offer a variety of services designed to preserve your property exposed to the elements. We utilize cutting edge products and applications to provide industry-standard repairs with services designed to save you time and money.
What We Do:

  • Lift and Level Concrete Slabs
  • Address Settling Foundations
  • Slow Erosion Around Sea Walls
  • Increase Lifespan of Retaining Walls
  • Preserve Property Subject to Settling and Erosion



Our Concrete Leveling application addresses settling and unsupported concrete slabs, and improves the lifespan of your driveway, patio, sidewalk, and more.

We start by drilling dime-sized holes in a grid pattern in the area, then use a specialized pump to inject a structural foam under the concrete that fills empty space and raises the slab to the proper height. When finished, we fill the dime-sized holes with cement to make your concrete look as good as new.

Our structural foam will never shrink or erode, is strong enough to support 7000 lbs/sqft, and reaches a 90% cure in 15 minutes, meaning that as soon as we're cleaned up and gone, you can drive over the repaired area.

Our products are engineered to be environmentally-friendly, safe to touch potable water (NSF 61-5 certified), and are designed to ensure you get the best use and longest life out of your property.



Over time, heavy rains, freeze-thaw cycles and other factors can cause the soil beneath your home to shift and settle. Areas of your foundation left unsupported are susceptible to structural damage.

At MGC Solutions, we address the root cause of foundation settlement by stabilizing and strengthening the soil beneath your home, so you can be confident your home sits on solid ground.


At MGC Solutions, we perform preventative maintenance on sea walls, retaining walls, culverts, and private dams, as well as most outdoor installations that are affected by settling and erosion. Our applications can improve, maintain and increase the lifespan of these areas, with a goal of saving our customers money by preventing costly repairs and delaying replacement for as long as possible.